Cool Bayview Nights Car Show
- TBD -

Brian Grimm

Car show chairperson and founder Brian Grimm is a life long resident, of South Whidbey. Active in many organizations, past president of the Bayview Hall, and current Board member, has served as President of Island county Mother against drunk drivers. Initiated and served as President of “Safe Ride Home “non-profit” He also organizes and over sees out yearly Easter egg hunt. Brian speaks publicly at many different venues, supporting our community. For more information, questions, or to volunteer and get involved with “Cool Bayview Nights” car show contact him at Or 360-929-3277


Our mission, to foster a sense of community by providing a facility for social arts and civic activities, with priority given to non-profit and community events To fulfill our stewardship of the Bayview Hall with ongoing renovations, maintenance, and improvements in a manner that preserves its history and style. We promote community ownership of the hall by maintaining an atmosphere of accessibility for all South Whidbey residents.